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To Underwrite or Not to Underwrite: A Manufacturer’s Guide to OEM Warranty Services



Warranty Reserves: To Insure or Not to Insure

When Does it Make Sense to Insure Manufacturer’s Warranty Risk? Find out how to Fund Warranty Expense with an aim toward Customer Service Excellence a...


the Age of Iot and Warranty Claims

IoT Can Drive Real Value for OEMs and Service Providers within the Product Warranty Ecosystem


Developing Warranty Products

When building warranty plans, such as service contract programs, you must first consider the basics. What are you going to offer, who might buy them a...


Building a Service Contract Program

Developing and launching a warranty, extended warranty or service contract program is critical for OEMs, retailers and service providers for a variety...


IoT and its Impact on Warranty Claims in Consumer Products

Appliances and other household devices that are IoT enabled began showing up in the market place in 2016. To date, most of the IoT features being disc...