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OnPoint Warranty understands what's wrong with the home warranty industry. We capitalize on our team's 65+ years in the product warranty administration, service contract and extended warranty industries to make it right, by crafting home warranty solutions which deliver great customer service experience.

Some of the largest brands in the world rely on OnPoint Warranty to help them connect with their customers. We make your consumer our focus through solidly backed home warranty products. Our home warranty solutions provide consumers with personalized coverage for a wide ranges of products, in conjunction with service contract and on demand services purchased annually or via a monthly subscription.


Home Warranty Solution

  • Home warranty solutions protect homeowners and their investments in their homes and personal products.
  • Unique day one coverage for new homes provides valued added year one protection while extending protection for appliances, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems and other home products after the builder or OEM warranties expire.
  • Competitive existing home warranty protection protects homeowners for years after investing in their homes.
  • Personalized bundling enables homeowners to add optional service contract coverage for electronics, networking or smart devices, and even schedule on demand repairs for none protected products.
  • Convenient payment options from annual pay to subscription programs makes it easy for each homeowner to protect what's important to their families.
  • Service Avenger Insuretech platform enables home warranty resellers to seamlessly offer home warranty plans, manage CX touch points during and post sale via API integration to Avenger, or outsource the entire CX to OnPoint!
  • Omnichannel consumer portals make it easy for homeowners to get assistance with protected products, manage their coverage or even request repairs on other products.
  • A high-touch contracted repair network delivers excellent service for every product.
  • Insurer-backed plans offer homeowners peace of mind that their home warranty will be around when they need assistance.
  • 50-state compliance enables home warranty resellers to capitalize on sales across the USA.
  • NHSCA-blue2
  • Member, National Home Service Contract Association

We are the best home warranty solution in the market today!

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