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OnPoint’s team of product service veterans has 65+ years of experience in the manufacturing, insurance, warranty, service fulfillment and the service administration technology verticals to help you deliver the best customer service experiences possible in the industry!


Better Costumer Service Experiences

  • We recruit and train customer-centric front-line call center agents who work hard each day to better connect your Brand to your Customers through processes designed to create positive outcomes for every customer.
  • We offer an omnichannel consumer portal, providing anytime, anywhere, any device access for product registration, plan quotes and sales, service requests and dispatching, appointment status updates and technician location, as well as value added service and product offers- for every product in the entire home or facility, driving loyalty and high total lifetime value of each consumer relationship.
  • We recruit, credential and onboard trained, professional service providers, ranging from onsite or field service to depot, advanced exchange, and replacement providers incentivized to deliver great service to your consumers.

We are your front-end insuretech solution!

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Highly Trained Technicians

  • OnPoint onboards each provider within our SaaS, omnichannel service administration technology enabling our team to effectively and efficiently manage our network, monitor performance, dynamically dispatch and reimburse warranty and service claims quickly and correctly.
  • Applies dynamic dispatching rules, ensuring the most appropriate service providers with the right skills, best techs, shortest response time and highest quality ratings are assigned to provide service to your consumers.
  • Provides instant status updates to you and your team, improving transparency within the service delivery process.
  • Implements robust claims processing logic to protect reserves and reduce your service spend.
  • Uses robust Business Intelligence to monitor the book, maximizing your revenue, while identifying opportunities to improve margins and the cost structure of the book.

We are your back-end insuretech.

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OnPoint understands Warranty Services.

Find out more from organizations that rely on OnPoint Warranty to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction and NPS of any provider!

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