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OnPoint's EV Sentinel Program offers repair or replace warranty protection for EV Charging Stations deployed via Manufacturers, Distributors, Installers, Retailers or Fleet Managers.  

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Growth in EV Deployments is Exploding

  • According to IEA September report, 60% of vehicles on the road by 2030 will be EV.
  • Net Zero by 2050 adopted by the International Energy Agency in 2022 prohibits production of new internal combustion engine cars by 2035. Of those 350 Million vehicles, 65% are Tesla in the US market. Tesla charging stations are not compatible with other EV products. 
  • The Biden Administration passed the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program in 2021, providing $5 Billion in funding over five years to States for the installation of 500,000 EV charging stations within 1 mile of designated federal or state highways.
  • With the increasing, mandated adoption of EV technology, a recent study found that 20% of public EV charging stations were inoperable in California.

OnPoint's EV Sentinel Program enables EV OEMs, Distributors, Installers, Retailers and Fleet Managers to improve EV charging station uptime and driver experience, decrease CO2 emissions, and increase revenue.

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EV Sentinel: Optimized EV Performance

  • EV Sentinel from OnPoint offers extended warranty protection for global, commercial EV charging stations. 
  • EV Sentinel coverage begins after the OEM warranty expires, and offers a 1 year term with additional annual renewals to 3 years.
  • The program offers repair or full unit replacements of non-operational chargers due to mechanical failure of the unit, up to a predefined, transparent claim limit.
  • Claim filing is seamless with EV Sentinel. Upon failure, operators simply call, go online, email, or text claim data to OnPoint,  which will arrange for a repair or replacement of the unit.

EV Sentinel by OnPoint Warranty Provides Enhanced Extended Warranty Protection and Seamless Repair or Replacement of Damaged EV chargers.

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Innovative, Scheduled Program Enhancements

  • EV Sentinel, developed and administered by OnPoint Warranty, features a multi-generational product feature roadmap, which includes:
    • Accidental Damage Replacement coverage.
    • Embedded warranty options for OEMs and Distributors, which extend unit protection at purchase date.
    • Optional EV unit installation services.
    • EV Sentinel Home Protection offering repair for units installed in residential locations. 

Grow your EV Business with EV Sentinel from OnPoint Warranty!

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Extended Warranty Protection for EV Technology


Increase Up Time. Improve the Driving Experience. Decrease CO2 Emissions. Increase Product Revenue.

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