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OnPoint's Insuretech platform, Service Avenger, was developed to be an end-to-end insuretech platform for the industry.

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API Forward Design and Cloud Infrastructure

  • Innovative, modern technologies with high integration capabilities.
  • Opensource platforms expedite implementation, facilitate integration.
  • API forward strategy extends functionality and speeds deployments, driving revenue faster.
  • API and data interfaces enable clients to quickly plug, play or replace with organic code.

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Proprietary Technology

  • Avenger ESB facilitates the utilization of unlimited service organizations through synchronous API calls.
  • Integrated IoT facilitates proactive service delivery for connected OEM products.
  • Intelligent underwriting brokering matches the best insurer to each program.
  • Dealer portal enables self-service warranty administration.
  • Consumer portal enables consumer self-managed service events.
  • MarTech engine consumes leads, enriches data, assigns offers, and executes campaign delivery through multiple channels, including IP Targeting.
  • Integrated preconfigured eCommerce.

We are your back-end insuretech.

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Digitized Warranty Sales and Service Support

  • API forward design offers Avenger insuretech as a quickly deployable POS solution for eCommerce organizations. We are their front-end insuretech.
  • The platform enables eCommerce and other industry players like home warranty companies to integrate and utilize OnPoint's warranty service fulfillment. We are their back-end insuretech.Service Avenger Flight Path
  • Flight Path, our proprietary equidirectional job status tracker enables our teams, clients, service providers and consumer real time job status information.
  • Direct to consumer, plug and play eCommerce Sites.
  • Omni-channel consumer CRM.
  • Robust warranty contract management.
  • Field service dispatch and claims adjudication.
  • Paypal, Venmo, stored value consumer reimbursement.
  • Parts logistics and depot and refurbishment services.

We are your front-end insuretech solution!

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Insurance Technology for Warranty Services.

Find out more about what insuretech is and how OnPoint's insuretech platform, Service Avenger, provides end-to-end warranty sales and service fulfillment to resellers, home warranty companies, and eCommerce providers alike. 

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