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Bounce Mobile Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of device warranty protection and mobile services which can be sold direct-to-consumer or by resellers, retailers, carriers or MVNOs.

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Mobile Device Warranty and Bundled Services Solutions 

Total Device Protection
  • Total Protection combines traditional repair service plus ADH damage coverage for new and certified refurbished devices, at the point-of-sale.
Screen Damage Protection
  • Ninety percent of all mobile device repairs are for screen damage. For new, certified refurbished or BYOD devices, Bounce offers 3 plan options that reimburse consumers up to twice per year for screen repairs done anywhere in the world.
Bundled Mobile Services
  • For resellers, retailers, carriers and MVNOs, Bounce offers bundled, white-labeled services, including device procurement, financing, airtime, warranty protection (repair + ADH) and trade-in administration for new and refurbished devices.
Whole Home Electronics Protection
  • Bounce Whole Home Warranty plans offer resellers and consumers personalized warranty repair protection for all of the new and existing electronics, computing, mobile and smart products in their homes.
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Warranty and Mobile Solutions for Every Channel

Affiliate Sales
  • Bounce Screen Replacement plans can be sold by attributed affiliate referrals directly to consumer from our Bounce branded, country-specific* eCommerce sites.
Reseller and Retailer Sales
  • Bounce Total Protection provides resellers with an insured, break/fix warranty, which includes ADH coverage, that can be embedded with all new and certified refurbished products, or sold as optional coverage at POS or through aftermarket campaigns.
Carrier and MNVO Sales
  • Bounce Bundled MVNO Services combines device procurement, financing, airtime, warranty protection (repair + ADH) and trade-in administration.  Bounce Bundles offer MVNOs a single solution that is easy to sell through integration with our Insuretech platform and easy to use with $0 deductibles and digital claim processes. 
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Bounce Uniquely Protects Every Device

Options for New, Certified Refurbished and BYOD
  • Bounce Total Protection and Bundled plans offer traditional break/fix plus ADH coverage on new and certified refurbished devices.
  • Bounce Screen Replacement covers new, refurbished or BYOD devices, through 3 personalized plans. 
  • Bounce Whole Home Electronics covers all home electronics devices and products.
$0 Deductibles
  • Bounce Screen Protection is a $0 deductible plan. If a phone screen breaks, consumers can get it repaired anywhere in the world and get reimbursement within 24 hours.
  • Bounce Total and Bundled plans can be written with $0 or customized deductibles. 
Digitized, Instant Claim Process
  • Bounce offers omnichannel support. Consumers can call us, text us, go to our website, chat with us, or email us. We're here to repair or replace covered devices, or for broken screens, provide reimbursement within 24 hours via Paypal, Venmo, Premier Pay or Google Pay. Whatever works best for your consumers.
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