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OnPoint works everyday to deliver great warranty service. Review the FAQs below for answers to your burning questions!

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Information for our Partners!

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Can you tell me more about your company? I am not familiar with the name. Which OEMs and products do you work on/for?

Our company was founded by Chris Smith (Formerly of Samsung and AIG) and Rob Christian. We are selling service contracts via OEM’s, Retailers, and Direct. We will support all brands and all zip codes in the US. Our website is www.onpointwarranty.com

Why Choose OnPoint?

All of the mid-level players in the industry have been acquired leaving an opportunity for a nimble, innovative competitor, focused on optimizing the consumer service experience and providing our partners personalized, attentive service options including:

  • Market determined rate setting
  • Omnichannel Consumer portal
  • Multi-level dispatch methods
  • Parts Portal

Service Provider Questions

Current Status

Current OnPoint Clients?

We are currently working with several US OEMs and retailers on warranty administration, extended warranty and insurance underwriting. We are actively dispatching appliance and electronics work.


How quickly will servicers get paid?

If there are no issues with the claim, OnPoint pays every Friday, so basically a week.

How will they submit a claim in order to get paid?

We will train service providers on ServicePower and Mize (our CRM) and you will submit onsite claims through ServicePower, generally.


What is your pay rate?

We are asking our partners to negotiate their pay rates with us. If it is reasonable, we will put into practice, if it is not, we will call you.

Will the servicer be reimbursed for shipping if they order their own parts?

Shipping will not be reimbursed. If OnPoint ships a part for use and a core is returned, we will reimburse for shipping.

Can a servicer bill for half hour rates or just per hour or are we only accepting flat rate?

We prefer flat rates.

Do you pay mileage and how much if so after how many miles?

Yes, after 45 miles from your office.

Do you pay extra man when needed and how much?

We can, yes.


Do you prefer we buy the parts or do you prefer to supply the parts?

As we begin, you can order parts and we will reimburse up to the markup we approve. We will offer parts via a Parts Portal via Encompass later. It will not be ready until late 2019.

Is there a time frame they have to return the parts after they buy them and they do not get used?

Parts should be returned within 48 hours if parts aren't used and are ordered on our parts account.


We are dispatching warranty work for Samsung BGoods. If you have been de-authorized, you may still run work for OnPoint as well as secure parts, based on the news we're received.

CRM/Field Service Management Technology

We will use the Avenger Platform to dispatch on site jobs. As we are platform agnostic, we will do our best to integrate into your dispatch platform of choice.. Do you utilize A-I?

We use both utilize A-I or Dynamic Dispatching Logic to stack-rank servicers based on:

  • Quality
  • Mfg Authorization
  • First to complete
  • Reschedules (non-consumer driven)
  • Cost

Can a servicer set ServicePower to get only calls from OnPoint?

Service providers can configure ServicePower to reject jobs from any network. Contact them for more information.


OnPoint does not provide state sales tax exemption certificates.

Next Steps

What is the next step after servicers sign the contract?

  1. An email will be sent when the set up is complete.
  2. As we on-board new OEM’s (clients) we will notify you of new jobs in advance.


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