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Extended Warranties HVAC Equipment

OnPoint Warranty's Comfort Protection Program offers warranty protection for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and for service providers. OnPoint brings 100+ combined years in the product warranty administration, extended warranty and HVAC industries, OnPoint's fully underwritten programs deliver revenue, risk mitigation and great consumer service experiences which improve long term repeat business for you.

Find out why OnPoint's Comfort Protection Program is reliable, the easiest to sell, and provides 'best in class' service experiences.

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HVAC Manufacturer Extended Warranties

The OnPoint Comfort Protection Program Drives Revenue, Reduces Risk and Improves Homeowner Satisfaction.

  • OnPoint can customize extended warranty programs to fit your customers' needs.
  • Extended warranties provide manufacturers with product differentiation. Manufacturers that offer extended warranties on HVAC equipment drive revenue and increase market share through distribution and dealer channels.
  • HVAC extended warranties drive brand loyalty from dealerships and consumers.
  • Through extended warranties, manufacturers can capture more revenue and more market share, driving long term customer relationships.
  • OnPoint's underwriting offers risk mitigation and balance sheet relief to HVAC manufacturers.

Distributor Extended Warranties

Comfort Protection Drives Revenue and Improves Homeowner Satisfaction for Distributors.

  • Extended warranties enable distributors to provide added value to dealer partners.
  • Extended warranties drive product differentiation, providing up to 12 years of extended repair protection for homeowners.
  • Extended warranties enable distributors to capture more sales and more market share.
  • OnPoint's turnkey program helps distributors win at the point-of-sale and continue winning throughout the lifetime of the product.
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Dealer Extended Warranties

OnPoint Comfort Protection Drives Revenue for Dealers.

  • Extended warranties enable dealers to offer value-added repair protection to consumers, differentiating product sales through longer warranty protection.
  • Extended warranties drive brand loyalty. Consumers are 6 times more likely to return to a dealer for service and replacement HVAC/R equipment based on great service experiences with extended warranties.
  • Extended warranties drive more service revenue. Service what you sell!
  • Commissions on aftermarket and up sells post product sale delivers more revenue to your business.

HVAC Field Service Software Vendors

The OnPoint Comfort Protection Program Drives Non-SaaS Revenue for Field Service Software Providers.

  • Extended warranties provide software companies the ability to upsell/cross-sell service plans to their subscribers, driving non-license revenue.
  • The convenience of being able to offer point-of-sale warranty plans translates to higher close ratios and increased revenues for subscribers.
  • Integrated extended warranty plans offer differentiation from competitive field service software platforms.
  • Field service software providers can refer, resell or integrate Comfort Protection with their software platforms to offer more value to subscribers.
  • Satisfied users generate higher online ratings and reviews.
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Lender Extended Warranties

The OnPoint Comfort Protection Program Delivers Peace of Mind for Homeowners and New Revenue Streams for Lenders.

  • Extended warranties generate additional non-interest income fees for Lenders at closing and during future renewals.
  • Extended Warranties lower delinquencies by protecting homeowner budgets from the expense of unexpected repair costs after manufacturer product warranties expire.
  • HVAC and whole-home warranties provide long-term revenue streams at very low cost and administrative expense for lenders.

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