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White Paper To sell or not to sell-3

The Case for Extended Warranties for Dealers

In our latest e-book, OnPoint Warranty helps retail dealers understand why it's so important for your sales and marketing teams to understand that extended warranties and other similar products ABSOLUTELY offer real value-added benefits to your consumers as well as how they drive measurable value to retail dealers in terms of brand loyalty, consumer experience and long-term revenue.

White paper Balancing Risk and Customer Service

Balancing Warranty Risk and Customer Satisfaction

In our newest e-book, learn how to achieve the highest levels of NPS and repeat sales, benchmarks for customer satisfaction, without increasing warranty risk or your support costs.

You'll also learn the impacts of emerging technology and changing consumer expectations.

White paper Increase Consumer Lifetime Value Through Service Transparency

Increase Consumer Lifetime Value Through Service Transparency

Learn, in this new ebook, how to drive transparency in your warranty service delivery process, and its impact to customer lifetime value!

To insure or not to insure

Warranty Reserve: To Insure or Not To Insure?

In this new eBook, learn about tips for manufacturers to use when deciding to keep warranty reserve risk on the balance Sheet or to insure the risk!

White paper The Age of IoT and its Impact on Warranty Claims

The Age of IoT in Warranty Claims

In this e-book edition, OEMs and service providers can learn about IoT technology, how to use it in warranty services

and how to create a strong strategy that maximizes its impact on product warranty costs and the consumer experience.

White paper Service Contracts for Dummies and the well informed

Service Contracts for Dummies

In this informative e-book, find out what it takes to develop, market, sell and execute a service contract program.

White Paper The Top 5 Ways to Drive Excellence through Third Party Service Fulfillment

5 Ways to Drive Excellence through Third Party Service Fulfillment

In this white paper, find out from OnPoint experts how you CAN drive excellent customer service experiences using a third party service fulfillment network!

White Paper Case Study 2018 creating cx-centric opps

How to Create a CX-Centric Operation

In this case study, learn how to transform your operation into a team of CX Advocates!

White paper OnPoint brochure 2018

Underwriting, extended warranty and service contract, service fulfillment and technology, and logistics!

Find out about the end to end solutions OnPoint Warranty offers to OEMs and retailers, ODMs, service providers and consumers-direct!


Insuretech Whitepaper

The Warranty Industry & Insuretech

The warranty industry has experienced a significant transformation with the advent of insuretech. This white paper explores how:

  • Insuretech is revolutionizing the marketing, sales, administration and customer experience.
  • Dispatching and claims adjudication of warranty products.



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