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OnPoint is totally focused on the consumer. Whether providing underwriting, service contracts, service administration or service administration technology to our clients, we do so with the commitment to provide the consumer the best experience in service from the point of sale to end of life.



  • Register new and existing products in our portal from any device
  • View and purchase service plans and extended warranties, on ANY PRODUCT IN THE HOME
  • Schedule repair service on OnPoint covered product, as well as ANY OTHER PRODUCT IN THE HOME, with a specific high quality, credentialed service provider, on a specific date and time that’s convenient
  • View the status of scheduled technician and even work with the tech in-home to review additional options available for the household’s products
  • We can even use our technology to inventory and register wifi connected IOT products instantly
  • Review and purchase value-added products, accessories and additional services from product manufacturers

We are your front-end insuretech solution!

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