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OnPoint Warranty relies on its team's 65+ years in the warranty, contract and service industries to craft contract and service solutions which focus on the customer experience.

Some of the largest brands in the world rely on OnPoint Warranty to help them connect with their customers. We make your consumer our focus through service contract and extended warranty products. These products provide valuable product-enhancing service delivery for all of the products your customers own.


Extended Warranty Solution for Any Consumer Product or Home System

  • Extend OEM product warranty coverage, beyond traditional parts and labor coverage, providing your customers with added protection for the entire home or facility.
  • Extended coverage available for Major Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Furniture, Mobile Devices, HVAC, Water Products, and much more.
  • Options for commercial rental and leased properties as well. 
  • Compelling coverage features, at the most competitive rates, based on global underwriting relationships with multiple Class A-rated insurers.
  • Convenient payment options from annual to subscription-based programs, with the ability to modify coverage on demand, adding and removing products as desired, protecting the entire home or facility.
  • Robust business intelligence maximizes your revenue with intelligently priced solutions, while reducing costs to maintain long term, value-added solutions for your customers.
  • Omnichannel insuretech and martech platforms connect your consumers throughout the product lifecycle, from POS to service to end of life, from any device at anytime.
  • A high-touch, high-quality product repair network  delivers excellent service ranging from in-home to depot, AE and replacement fulfillment.
  • Robust marketing technology maximizes aftermarket revenue!

Find out how innovative extended warranty programs from OnPoint increase your AOV at the point-of-sale, while delivering long-term aftermarket revenue and repeat product sales.

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