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OnPoint Warranty provides insurance technology and warranty service fulfillment for third party warranty administrators, home warranty administrators and insurers. Our clients and competitors rely on OnPoint to provide technology to support warranty sales, while also tapping into our insuretech and extensive underwriting and service networks to deliver the best product warranty service experiences to consumers.



Our insuretech platform offers TPAs, home warranty administrators and insurers:

  • An API forward design to quickly deploy POS solutions for eCommerce organizations.
  • Plug and play, branded eCommerce sites to support B2C digital and aftermarket sales.
  • Paypal, Venmo, stored value consumer reimbursement.

We are your front-end insuretech solution!

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Warranty Service Administration

OnPoint's insuretech platform is fully integrated with back-end warranty service fulfillment. We offer administrators:

  • Exclusive insurance placement. Our insurer ecosystem enables OnPoint to uniquely source underwriting for traditional and new warranty programs. Need screen protection? Got it. Need HVAC warranty coverage? Got it.
  • Access to OnPoint's warranty service fulfillment via the same API set. No entitlement call center? No omnichannel customer service options? No service network? No problem! OnPoint can deploy its back end technologies and people resources to deliver awesome customer service experiences to your consumers.

We are your back-end insuretech.

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