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In today's fast-paced manufacturing world, selecting the right warranty outsourcing partner can make a significant difference in your company's success. As a manufacturer, you need a partner who not..

As the complexity of products and the expectations of customers continue to grow, manufacturers are faced with a choice: to continue managing warranties in-house, or to embrace the future of..

OnPoint Warranty Solutions was named one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in Louisville, and today, named number 3 overall for 2022. Thank you Louisville Business First. Thank you to our team,..

What's the difference between a product warranty and a service contract? Consumers are becoming more discerning in their buying process, now basing decisions to buy on the product features and costs,..

There are 2 type of shoppers that all retailers should be aware of, Showroomers and Webroomers. And, it's of critical importance that retailers adjust your brand, product and communications..

Millennials have grown accustomed to a lifestyle where they can purchase anything they would like online and literally overnight. Let’s face it, they can be very impatient and don’t like waiting.

Developing and launching a service contract or extended warranty program that aligns with loyalty programs is critical for OEMs, retail dealers and service providers.

OnPoint’s team of product service veterans has 65+ years of experience in the manufacturing, insurance, warranty, service fulfillment and service administration technology verticals. The team is well..

CEO Chris Smith, in November's Reverse Logistics Magazine, discusses how service organizations can improve consumer experience and long term loyalty by creating a reverse logistics strategy.

Introduction Even as warranty service providers focus on customer experience, there is balance to be found between risk mitigation, and warranty service fulfillment where it is still possible to grow..

When Does it Make Sense to Insure Manufacturer’s Warranty Risk? Find out how to Fund Warranty Expense with an aim toward Customer Service Excellence and Risk Mitigation As corporations continue to..

IoT Can Drive Real Value for OEMs and Service Providers within the Product Warranty Ecosystem

When building warranty plans, such as service contract programs, you must first consider the basics. What are you going to offer, who might buy them and how are you going to sell them?

Developing and launching a warranty, extended warranty or service contract program is critical for OEMs, retailers and service providers for a variety of reasons.

Appliances and other household devices that are IoT enabled began showing up in the market place in 2016. To date, most of the IoT features being discussed in the industry have focused on consumer..