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36% of Americans rent their homes as of 2021. 

Rental income represents a huge opportunity for large property management firms and even smaller landlords. Homeownership comes with a cost, though, whether you own your home, or own a home that someone else rents. 

OnPoint Warranty makes repairing and maintaining the appliances and system in a rental dwelling easy, with:propertytender transparent


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PropertyCare Warranty Services

PropertyTender Warranty Services

  • PropertyTender enables property managers, landlords and even insurance brokers to offer product repair services on covered products in rental units.
  • The warranty term covers the costs of repair for one full year from the date of purchase and can be auto-renewed for up to 3 years.
  • The PropertyTender warranty provides coverage for residential dwellings, including rental homes, apartments and condominiums.
  • PropertyTender covers up to 6 major appliances, plus an HVAC unit, and a water heater, in each unit insured.
  • OnPoint offers an optional replacement service for appliances that cannot be repaired, for a sourcing fee, to make it easy to replace non-repairable units for leases.

OnPoint's PropertyTender warranty service program makes it easy for property managers to maintain and repair the appliances and systems in their rental units.

Rely on OnPoint to keep your rental income and great Yelp reviews flowing!

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