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Ashley has been with OnPoint since shortly after the business began. Since, Ashley has consistently shown how valuable she is to the organization. Ashley houses the knowledge to nearly everything..

CFO, Deborah Chenois, was named to Louisville Business First's 2024 Best in Finance list yesterday at a wonderful event hosted by BFL. Appointed CFO of OnPoint Warranty Solutions in March 2023, Deb..

Are you ready to take your online sales to the next level while providing your customers with unparalleled peace of mind? Look no further than the power of seamlessly integrating extended warranties..

Picture this: your customers walk out the door with their shiny new purchases, but they're not just carrying a product—they're carrying peace of mind. That's the magic of extended warranty programs...

The Power of Extended Warranties in Retail In the fiercely competitive retail landscape, differentiating your brand is crucial for success. One powerful yet often overlooked strategy is offering..

Picture this: You're a retailer, standing at the crossroads of customer relationships. You are getting plenty of sales but you crave the unwavering devotion of lifelong customers. But how do you..

Retailers, are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are you tired of blending in with the competition and struggling to stand out? Well, buckle up because we've got a game-changer for..

Picture this: You're browsing an online store, eyeing a sleek new gadget that promises to revolutionize your life. But wait, there's a snag. What if it breaks down after a few months? What if you're..

Imagine this: You're a retailer, and you've just discovered extended warranty programs. These programs are like a hidden treasure, waiting to be maximized for your benefit. But here's the catch:..

Are you a retailer looking to boost sales and customer loyalty? Look no further than extended warranties! These valuable tools can help you stand out from the competition, especially during busy..

Have you ever been stuck making a warranty claim? It's no fun dealing with hard steps, long waits, and bad customer service. But, how key is an easy process for keeping customers happy?

Imagine navigating a labyrinth, much like the administrative maze of warranty management, where every turn introduces new challenges—from the daunting costs of staffing and infrastructure, to the..

Warranty services are crucial to your success as a product manufacturer. A well-run warranty program keeps customers happy and boosts your bottom line through repeat sales. But managing warranties..

It's no coincidence that you're feeling overwhelmed by warranty management—it's a common headache for manufacturers, struggling to juggle efficiency and customer satisfaction. But what if there's a..

Warranty management is crucial for manufacturers to maintain customer satisfaction, minimize costs, and protect their reputation. As businesses grow, managing warranties in-house can become complex..

In today's competitive marketplace, manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to improve product quality and enhance customer satisfaction. One powerful tool that has emerged as a game-changer in..

As the complexity of products and the expectations of customers continue to grow, manufacturers are faced with a choice: to continue managing warranties in-house, or to embrace the future of..

Picture this: you're a manufacturer, and you're tired of the endless headaches and costs associated with managing warranties in-house. You've heard about the benefits of outsourcing, but you're not..

Want to know the secret sauce for customer loyalty? It's not just about making a great product. It's about what happens after the sale - when things go wrong. That's where product warranties come in...

In today's competitive manufacturing landscape, providing a reliable product warranty is more than just a promise to your customers - it's a powerful tool for building trust and loyalty. However,..

OnPoint Warranty Solutions was named one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in Louisville, and today, named number 3 overall for 2022. Thank you Louisville Business First. Thank you to our team,..

Insuretech is one of the new shiny concepts that the insurance and warranty industries are singing about these days. But, what does that mean? How is it different than the applications that you see..

What's the difference between a product warranty and a service contract? Consumers are becoming more discerning in their buying process, now basing decisions to buy on the product features and costs,..

There are 2 type of shoppers that all retailers should be aware of, Showroomers and Webroomers. And, it's of critical importance that retailers adjust your brand, product and communications..

Millennials have grown accustomed to a lifestyle where they can purchase anything they would like online and literally overnight. Let’s face it, they can be very impatient and don’t like waiting.

Developing and launching a service contract or extended warranty program that aligns with loyalty programs is critical for OEMs, retail dealers and service providers.

OnPoint’s team of product service veterans has 65+ years of experience in the manufacturing, insurance, warranty, service fulfillment and service administration technology verticals. The team is well..

CEO Chris Smith, in November's Reverse Logistics Magazine, discusses how service organizations can improve consumer experience and long term loyalty by creating a reverse logistics strategy.

Introduction Even as warranty service providers focus on customer experience, there is balance to be found between risk mitigation, and warranty service fulfillment where it is still possible to grow..

When Does it Make Sense to Insure Manufacturer’s Warranty Risk? Find out how to Fund Warranty Expense with an aim toward Customer Service Excellence and Risk Mitigation As corporations continue to..