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Named to 2018 Enterprisecorp Million Dollar Baby List

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According to Louisville Business First, in 2017 EnterpriseCorp created the "Million Dollar Baby” metric to track the success of startups.  Success is defined  by two major milestones for a start up.

Lisa Bajorinas, executive director of EnterpriseCorp is quoted as saying that “...two major milestones in a startup’s life are worth recognizing, so we define a Million Dollar Baby as an early-stage startup company that either raises $1 million in equity investments in a single round, or they cross the threshold of $1 million in sales for the first time.”

Louisville saw an abundance of Million Dollar Babies in 2018, including OnPoint Warranty Solutions!

Click the button below by  Haley Cawthon, Reporter, Louisville Business First, to find out what OnPoint Warranty made EnterpriseCorp's 2018 list!

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