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May Staff Spotlight 2024

Maria has been with Guardian since 2008 and has been an integral part of all aspects of our culture and how we do business today. She started out as a bilingual agent filing claims and was promoted to a Team Lead position. She runs the various chats we have day in and day out and is also the only bilingual Team Lead. She handles all of our bilingual quality scores. Maria is like a mother to all of our agents especially those of us who have been working with her for years! She genuinely cares about each and every agent and their success.

Maria will be retiring this month after almost 16 years of service and so many people be missing her warm and caring nature. She has grandchildren she is looking forward to spending more time with and going on more vacations with her husband Flavio! We truly want to wish her well as she enters this next step of her journey, as much as we will miss her, we are so happy that she is going to be able to spend time with those she loves doing all the things she loves to do!

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  2. When did you first join Guardian, and how has your journey been since then?

December 2008. I have had an amazing time working at Guardian and I have grown and learned so much in these past 15-plus years.

  1. Can you share some highlights of your career with us, including memorable projects or roles you’ve undertaken during your time at Guardian?

I still treasure my time as a data entry agent, and also my time as a team lead.

  1. Looking back, what aspects of your job brought you the most joy or satisfaction?

Helping agents grow and develop in their career, and I also enjoy connecting with our customers.            

As you prepare to retire, what lessons or values from Guardian  do you plan to carry forward?

Knowing what happens in a call center, I believe I will keep that knowledge whenever I may have to call companies in the future. I also plan to keep the same values I have developed and cultivated throughout my time at Guardian in how to treat people with kindness. 

  1. Reflecting on your time with us, can you tell us about a project or initiative that you are particularly proud of?

    I am so proud of all the agents I have worked with throughout the years, seeing them grow and thrive, and that is the best project or initiative I could ever hope to be apart of--the team. 

  2. Who have been your inspirations or mentors within the organization, and what have you learned from them?

    Every single one of my coworkers have been an inspiration throughout my career, and each person brings something special to the organization. 

  3. What are you most looking forward to in retirement?

    Spending time with our family, and traveling to visit with friends and family. 

Rapid Fire round – retiree version 😉

  • Morning routine: Leisurely coffee or out-the-door early?
    • Leisurely coffee! 
  • Travel plans: Relaxing beach or adventurous trek?
    • Relaxing beach
  • Alarm Clock: Toss it out or keep it for old times' sake?
    • Toss it! 
  • Performance Reviews: Only by your pets or grandkids?
    • Grandkids
  • Team meetings: replaced with family game nights or coffee dates with friends?
    • How about both! 

Katie Hagan

Katie Hagan has worked as a marketing professional for more than six years. She's focused on driving business growth with strategic thinking and innovative skills. Katie's extensive experience ensures that every campaign she leads achieves meaningful results.

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