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June Staff Spotlight 2024

Ashley has been with OnPoint since shortly after the business began. Since, Ashley has consistently shown how valuable she is to the organization.  Ashley houses the knowledge to nearly everything OnPoint! Not only does Ashley supervise the OnPoint call center's day to day, she has been a vital asset to the ongoing evolution of the business. Ashley is well respected by her peers and sourced as a mentor and collaborator in other departments. The passion Ashley brings to the development of the call center and it's employees is rare, inspiring, and admirable.

When did you start at OnPoint?

June 2019

How would you summarize what you do? 

Managing the Frontline and OCM Teams, Deductible refunds, Handling Escalations/BBB Complaints

Can you tell us a few details about your favorite part of the job? Please share any recent accomplishments or a particularly fulfilling aspect of your work.

As a call center supervisor, my favorite part of the job is the opportunity to lead and support the team. Seeing team members gain confidence, improve their skills, and achieve their goals is incredibly fulfilling.

What aspects of our company culture or opportunities for growth inspire and motivate you to continue your journey with OnPoint?

OnPoint’s dedication to maintaining high standards of service and professionalism inspires me to strive for excellence in my role. The continuous learning and personal development keeps me motivated to grow both professionally and personally.

What do you like most about OnPoint's company culture? 

What I really like about OnPoint's company culture is the focus on mentorship and growth. The supportive environment encourages teamwork and learning, which has been great for my personal and professional development.

Who inspires you the most within our organization & share some examples of their leadership qualities or specific actions that are inspiring.

For me, it's Kellie Harrison. Without her guidance when I first started at OnPoint, I don’t think I would have lasted long. I struggled with taking escalated calls and dealing with upset customers. Kellie was always there to assist and teach me how to handle those situations. She consistently provided books, training, and valuable pointers on how to manage challenging calls. Her support and mentorship have been instrumental in my growth and success here.

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Where are you from? Jacksonville Florida

Where did you go to high school/college? St. Johns Technical High School - Culinary 

Tell us what you do for fun - include hobbies, interests, or extracurricular activities. I love to play video games, mainly RPG games. I love to crochet and work puzzles they help my focus when I'm overthinking things. And I'm a book nerd! I love to Read!

What is your favorite show on Netflix (or other streaming service)? Currently my favorite show is Bridgerton on Netflix, one of my favorite books series turned into a TV Show.

Rapid Fire round:

  • Coffee or tea? Hard choice, I love both equally
  • Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes
  • Reading a book or watching a movie? Reading
  • Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction
  • Road trip or flying? Road trip!
  • Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
  • Movie theater or streaming at home? Streaming at home 

Katie Hagan

Katie Hagan has worked as a marketing professional for more than six years. She's focused on driving business growth with strategic thinking and innovative skills. Katie's extensive experience ensures that every campaign she leads achieves meaningful results.

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